The Best Street Trends from New York Fashion Week Spring 2018

The Best Street Trends from New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 It’s New York Fashion Week once again, and we all know what that means! Outside of the official Spring/Summer 2018 runway shows, fashionistas from all over look to the daily street style exhibition for their fashion influences. Designers often watch out for the latest street trends at New York Fashion Week, which then become the creative inspiration behind next season’s fab creations. Check out some of the street style stars below to get your fashion ideas running:

Pink and Red 

Straight from the Fall/Winter 2017 runway shows to the street styles of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018, it looks like these two colors are staying around for quite a while. We’re seeing pink and red everywhere. From shoes to bags to full outfits, you’ll see some very striking red boots, and fluffy pink sandals then maybe a red Gucci bag or two. Looking at all those inspiring head-to-toe pink outfits will make you start create a checklist of the stuff you just have to have in your closet!

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Prints, Prints, Prints 

Here’s another of those street trends reminiscent of the Fall/Winter 2017 runways. The fashion mavens of New York can’t seem to get enough of prints. There’s the casual textured look, the breezy florals, and the artful mix-‘em-up ensembles.

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Feathers and Fur 

Fur certainly doesn’t sound much like a springtime element, but don’t be too alarmed—we’re actually talking about feather and fur trimmings on shoes and other footwear. Oh, yes, these faux feather/fur embellishments promise a lot of spring and summer fun!

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Oversized OOTD 

The oversized trend is still very much in action, as seen in the street trends of New York Fashion Week. Tailored jacket? Why, yes. Tailored jacket two sizes larger? Oh, definitely. From loose dress shirts to oversized blazers to denim jeans that could fit you and your best friend together, there’s an oversized style for every fashionista out there.

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Checks? Check. 

We have also seen quite an abundance of checks on the streets of New York the past week. (No, not those checks.) Checked shirts, blazers, and dresses in gingham designs have all been spotted outside the New York Fashion Week shows. They’re not just one color either, you can chose from blue ones, red ones or even pink ones!

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Socks Are Fun 

Some of fashion’s street style stars have been rocking socks at New York Fashion Week. We’ve spotted regular socks with not-so-regular shoes, socks-and-boots pairings, the ever-trusty socks and sneakers worn with dresses, socks with sandals, and of course, statement socks with funky shoes. Well, street style has always been about comfort, so it’s no wonder we’re seeing socks, boots, and sneakers with dresses. The socks and strappy sandals combo is quite interesting, though!

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All About Gucci 

If there’s one piece of accessory that stood out at the New York Fashion Week street style shows, it’s the Gucci bag. Talk about setting street trends—these bags were absolutely everywhere. Chic Gucci cross-body bags were seemingly the norm, but it’s the embellished ones that totally caught our eye.

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Basket Weave 

Speaking of bags, there’s one other trend that got our attention: basket bags. A number of stylishly woven bags were spotted on the streets of New York this past week, from tiny micro-bags to handy totes.

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Dress Over Pants 

Hurrah for comfort and practicality! When wearing a dress out on the busy city streets gets rather tricky (think windy days), why not put on a pair of jeans or slacks under it? We’ve certainly seen quite a few denims and colorful slacks peeking out from under midi dresses at New York Fashion Week, so you’re definitely not alone. This spring you should definitely stock some new pants and dresses and refresh your boutique with some trendy wholesale clothing, to get noticed by Instagramers and other fashionistas 

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There’s nothing quite as breezy as an effortless all-white outfit for the streets, eh? This past week, the streets of New York saw a variety of all-white street wear, from crochet looks, shift dresses, all the way to full suits.

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If there’s all white, there has to be all black too, right? After all, black really is an all-season color. When you think you’ve run out of color choices in your closet, deck yourself out in top-to-bottom black. We guarantee you’ll always be trendy.

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Denim In Style 

Ah, denim; it never goes out of fashion. At New York Fashion Week, street style denim is uber-casual and far from skinny, with ripped jeans, cutoffs, retro flared pieces, and oversized looseness trending outside the runways.

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Blazer Glory (Oops, had to do it.) 

We’ve seen the blazer rockin’ the runways last season, and now it’s out on the streets en masse, too. It’s been seen everywhere at New York Fashion Week. Style icons and fashion enthusiasts have added their own spin to the typical office wear, dressing it down for the streets by wearing it with casual undershirts, printed blouses, slogan tees, athleisure slacks, comfy boots and even tried-and-tested Chucks. The most popular version, it seems, is the checked blazer with prominent shoulder pads—another testament to the oversized trend.

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Velvet Chic 

Fall’s velvet trend is back and it’s on the streets. We’re seeing long, velvet dresses and velvet blazers among the many style inspirations from the New York Fashion Week S/S 2018 street show.

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Belt Bag Revival 

Something as totally retro as the belt bag got a new lease on life courtesy of New York Fashion Week street style. How to be absolutely in style? Wear it cinched around your waist with the bag out front instead of behind. It’s practical too as you can look after all your belongings and your purse!

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Crop Top Galore 

Bare bellies were on display as the crop top once again made an appearance on the streets. Show off those abs! Get inspired by these crop tops paired with cargo jeans or awesome athleisure trousers.

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So Many Frilly Layers 

This feels like another throwback to the Fall/Winter trends, as we’ve spotted breezy pieces with layer upon layer of frills, ruffles, or fringe. The tiered look could be seen on skirts, tops, dresses, and coats everywhere at New York Fashion Week.

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A Polka Dot Phenomenon 

Closely following the checked pattern in New York Fashion Week street trends is the polka dot. Big dots, small dots, black on white, white on black, and other color and print combinations all made a splash on the streets. This could be further proof of the retro and vintage inspirations of today’s fashion industry.

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